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Simple answer:  No.  We use games, contests, and fun to make sure students are learning almost as a side-effect, while having fun! 

Kids can easily make up a single week of class by working with their classmates or their  teacher.  

One of the ways to do this, which we actually recommend, is to have two or more groups of students.  The students would spend three lessons a day with our teachers, and the remaining three hours with their regularly scheduled classes.  This way, they would not get too tired or overworked, and they would not miss much regular class instruction.  Talk to our office and see what works best for you!

A full-time course is 1800.00 Kč per student, per week.  That is only 60 Kč / hour, but we can understand how 1800 seems like a lot.  So if you have two groups of students per teacher, it means half-time English and half-time regular school for the kids, and only 900 Kč per student.  Plus, this way the kids don't get too tired from the course.  

You can apply for a grant from the Czech Ministry of Education, and you can get all the funding for this course for free!  It's a little bit time consuming, but it is free money and you could offer our course to every student who would be interested, without them having to worry about the cost.  We have expert councelors standing by who can help you through the application process!  

You really need to visit our testimonial area on this website.  We have such wonderful feedback from amazing kids, and we would LOVE the opportunity to get to know your students as well, and impact them in a most positive way! 

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